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     Pawvisions for Wildlife is a home based wildlife rescue located in Kennebunk, ME with the ability to care for wild mammals who are injured, displaced, or orphaned. As a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, my goal of returning healthy animals back into their natural environment with the instinctual skills needed to survive.

     You might ask the following: “aren’t you really just interfering with the natural order of things by attempting to rehabilitate wild animals”? In actuality, national statistics indicate that 80-90% of all animals coming in to wildlife rehabilitators or rehabilitation centers are needing assistance as a direct result of some type of human interaction or activities (such as vehicular strikes; nest tree destruction; habitat destruction; dog or cat attacks on wildlife; wildlife “pet” trade; poisoning; oil contamination; window collisions; trapping; and shooting). With continued urban sprawl and development, and as wildlife continues to be pushed out of native areas, the need for assistance will no doubt continue to grow.

Found an injured or orphaned wild animal? Please call us at (207)-251-0443

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   Each animal admitted has costs that are directly attributable to its care. Those direct costs include things like veterinarian services, enclosures, syringes, medicine, bandages, feeding tubes, needles, food, bedding, formulas and surgery. Unfortunately, there is no government funding of any type for wildlife rehabilitation. Individual rehabilitators, like myself, pay for these expenses for care out of their own pockets. Depending on the different species cared for and the number of animals admitted, the costs can be quite daunting.  However, seeing recovered animals being released back into the wild makes it all worthwhile, and wildlife rehabilitators gladly give their time and resources to make it happen.

     So, if you are passionate about wildlife, please consider helping me get started on this journey. Your entire donation will go to provide medical care and supplies, food and formulas for nursing baby animals, existing enclosure maintenance and new construction projects in order to take in more animals in need. Your donations are needed, deeply appreciated and will be used wisely. 

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