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Our Services


Full Grooming

Includes: ​

  • Full Body Haircut (Breed Standard Cut, Pet Cut, or Creative Cut)

  • Bath & Blow Dry

  • Ear Cleaning

  • Brush Out/De-Shed

  • Nail Clipping

  • Sanitary Area Trim

  • Paw Pad Clean Up


XS Breeds 0-10 lbs:

Smooth Coat $55.00

Short $60.00

Medium Coat $65.00

Long/Double Coat $70.00

Small Breeds 10-35 lbs:

Smooth Coat $60.00

Short Coat $65.00

Medium Coat $75.00

Long/Double Coat $80.00


Medium Breeds 35-65 lbs:

Smooth Coat $70.00

Short Coat: $75.00

Medium Coat: $85.00

Long/Double Coat $95.00

Large Breeds 65-85 lbs:

Smooth Coat $80.00

Short Coat $85.00

Medium Coat $125.00

Long/Double Coat $135.00


Giant Breeds 85+ lbs:

Smooth Coat $90.00  

Short Coat $95

Medium Coat: $150

Long/Double Coat $200.00

*All prices are subject to change.
Pricing may vary depending on weight, breed, coat condition, coat type, and temperament of your pet.
Please Note: All grooming services include 10-15 minutes of brush out. If more than 15 minutes of brush out is required, an additional brush out fee(s) may apply. 

Dog Outside

Nail Trimming / Filing$25.

Creative Grooming

We offer Temporary & Semi-Perminant Coloring as well as Creative Cuts and Fur-styles! Please see our "Creative Grooming" for more information HERE

*Inquire within for pricing

Bath & Tidy


  • light trimming on Face & Feet only (if needed)

  • Bath & Blow Dry

  • Ear Cleaning

  • Brush Out/De-Shed

  • Nail Clipping

  • Sanitary Area Trim

  • Paw Pad Clean Up

(Please Note: Full body or partial body trim is

NOT included in a Tidy Up)

Xtra Small $50.00

Small $60.00

Medium $70.00

Large $80.00

Giant $90.00

Extra Add-On's

Nail Grinding $7.00

Helps to get a little closer to the quick after trimming and also smooths your pets nails.


Teeth Brushing $8.00

Controls Bad breath & prevents plaque build-up.

De-matting $10.00/10 minutes

We are a humanity before vanity grooming salon. We are willing to de-matt your pet as long as the pet is comfortable with it and the level of matting is not at a severe point. Please note: We cannot just “scissor out” the matting or leave the matting on your dog in order to avoid a de-matting fee. We reserve the right to refuse service if we cannot do what is best for your pet.

Extra Scissoring $10.00/10 minutes

Extra scissoring fee's generally apply to haircuts that are left 1 (one) inch or longer in length or specialty Fur-styles.

De-skunking $12.00

With our de-skunking service we can lower the amount of skunk odor on your pet to a minimal level. Please remember, if your pet got skunked the skunk odor can stick around for up to a year anytime your pet gets damp or wet.

Extra De-Shedding $10.00/10 minutes

Double coated breeds that are overdue for a de-shed can develop an impacted coat that can require extra time to properly remove the undercoat. A impacted undercoat can cause many heath concerns for your pet. Please see our grooming Facts page for more info by clicking HERE

Handeling Fee $10.00-25.00

Sometimes your pet needs a little extra TLC. We have trained Pet Stylists who have learned certain techniques to safely work with a special needs dog, and most importantly, our stylists know when to recommend vet assistance if they feel it is unsafe and too stressful for your pet. The Handling fee depends on whether an extra hand is needed to complete the groom as well as the extra timing it will take to complete a groom.

Pawfections Pet Salon Grooming Policies

  • Full grooming services are done by appointment only.

  • The entire grooming process usually takes two to three hours but may take longer.

  • We request that you drop off your dog at his/her appointment time and we will call you as

    soon as he/she is finished.

  • Missed appointments or cancelations within within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment, may be subject to a $25 cancelation fee.

  • Due to space limitations we require that you collect your pet within an hour after his/her

    completion. Customers leaving pets for periods longer than this may be assessed a $15


  • Grooming prices vary based on temperament of the pet and condition of the pet’s coat.

  • We have the right to reject any pet at our sole discretion if we believe that grooming the

    pet will be hazardous to the pet and/or our groomers.

  • We take every precautionary measure with all of our clients but cannot be held

    responsible for cuts or lacerations on severely matted pets.

  • Please be advised that additional fees will be charged for dogs with matted/tangled

    coats. This fee is in addition to the regular grooming price.

  • As is usual with all service provides, our groomers are always happy to receive tips for

    their hard work!

  • Grooming charges are non-refundable. We will gladly fix anything you are unhappy with

    as long as it's within 24 hours of the initial grooming. We unfortunately cannot be held responsible outside of this timeframe.

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