Our Services


Professional Grooming Services:

  • breed standard clips

  • creative cuts

  • baths & brush-outs

  • nail clipping & grinding

  • teeth brushing

  • anal gland expression


  • ear cleaning & plucking

  • blueberry facials

  • medicated bath

  • Flea baths

  • conditioning treatment

  • de-shedding

  • creative color

  • corrective color

Cat Grooming
Dog Outside

Nail Trimming / Filing 

By appointment only

Creative Grooming


  • Creative Color

  • Corrective Color

  • Creative Cuts

  • Temporary Tattoos

  • Bow Wow Bling

  • Feather Extentions

Pawfections Pet Salon Grooming Policies

  • Full grooming services are done by appointment only.

  • The entire grooming process usually takes two to three hours but may take longer.

  • We request that you drop off your dog at his/her appointment time and we will call you as

    soon as he/she is finished.

  • Missed appointments or cancelations within within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment, may be subject to a cancelation fee.

  • Due to space limitations we require that you collect your pet within an hour after his/her

    completion. Customers leaving pets for periods longer than this may be assessed a $15


  • Grooming prices vary based on temperament of the pet and condition of the pet’s coat.

  • We have the right to reject any pet at our sole discretion if we believe that grooming the

    pet will be hazardous to the pet and/or our groomers.

  • We take every precautionary measure with all of our clients but cannot be held

    responsible for cuts or lacerations on severely matted pets.

  • Please be advised that additional fees will be charged for dogs with matted/tangled

    coats. This fee is in addition to the regular grooming price.

  • As is usual with all service provides, our groomers are always happy to receive tips for

    their hard work!

  • Grooming charges are non-refundable. We will gladly fix anything you are unhappy with

    as long as it's within 24 hours of the initial grooming. We unfortunately cannot be held responsible outside of this timeframe.