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I am a  proud member of the National Association of Professional Creative Groomers (NAPCG)! Your pets safety is very important to me! We can add color, and designs to your dog’s coat in a safe fun way!                                                                                               -Alaina LeBlanc
owner/Pet Stylist
Pawfections Pet Salon
Creative Grooming

The products we use are all doggy safe and are approved by the National Association of Professional Creative Groomers (it is all perfectly safe). We NEVER lift the dog’s natural coat color because bleaching a dog is NEVER safe. We also NEVER use oxidizing dyes (dyes that must be mixed with a developer). When we add color to a dark coated dog, we use a white, FDA approved, non toxic, ink on the dog’s coat first, and then add the brightly colored ink on top. A lot of our products are even specifically made for dogs! The colors that we use are non toxic washout colors usually lasting 1-5 shampoos. So weather you want something done on your dog for a special day or just so your furry friend can enjoy that extra attention they have always wanted, we have the right products for your dog! We’ve NEVER had a dog have a reaction to any of our products but we still always put the dog’s safety first and take the extra time to be safe.

Note* Never attempt to add color to your dog’s coat yourself; there are a lot of unsafe products out there and false information! Always leave this to a professional groomer that is a member and in good standings with the NAPCG.

Be sure to visit the NAPCG’s page for

more information on Creative Grooming!



Creative Color

Temorary Tattoos

Bow Wow Bling

Feather Extensions

Creative Cuts



Choose from temporary color lasting 2-8 days or semi permanent color. Add color to your pups ears, tail, mohawks, or get creative!


Temporary color:

FREE for ears or tails on full grooms!

Semi Permanent Color: 

starting at $10

We love getting creative! Make your pup stand out with a mohawk, flair legs, pom poms, mustaches or our favorite, Asian Freestyle! 

What is Asian Freestyle?

Asian Freestyle grooming is the latest craze in pet grooming. Also known as Asian Fusion, it is a style of grooming that strives to make your pet look whimsical, almost like a stuffed animal.The grooming process completely disregards typical breed standards. Click the link below for some fun freestyle ideas!

Our temporary airbrush tattoos are great for Holidays or special occasions. Choose from our stencils or bring your own! Temporary tattoos last 2-5 days.


FREE with full grooms!

Add bling with pet safe stick on earrings! We use Bling It On!®, the only latex free, non-toxic glue safe for use on pets. Earring applications last 3-6 weeks!


$3 each

Add flair and fullness to your pup's ears! Our hand made feather extension can last for weeks and easily be removed.


$3 each

Check out our "pawfect pins" on pintrest for some creative ideas!

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