TotalPlex Plus

TotalPlex Plus

A Premium Blend of Enzymes, Probiotics, and Omegas 

Product Details:

Advanced Powdered Probiotic

Packed with Essential Enzymes and Omegas

Volume: 8 oz.

Safe for Cats and Dogs

Made in the USA

Healthier, Happier Dogs

Whether your dog is suffering from an upset tummy, irregularity, gas or bloating, we have an all-natural solution that can help them get back on track and feeling great. Introducing  TotalPlex Plus Probiotics packed with essential enzymes and omegas that help fortify their teeth, bones, and digestive health while helping them stay regular; all so they can have the happy, healthy energy they deserve.

An All-Around Supplement for Dogs of All Shapes, Sizes and Breeds

There’s nothing you wouldn’t do for your four-legged friend, which is why it’s important to start them off each day with a powerful, effective and safe supplement that benefits them in so many ways. TotalPlex is designed to fortify their digestive systems but also supplement their joint and muscle health so they can jump, run and play like puppies again. If you want to give them the best start at a long, happy life, choose TotalPlex today.

Cleanse, Fortify and Protect Pets Inside and Out

This powerful blend of probiotics, essential enzymes, and omegas support your dog’s natural digestive health, their immune, system and even their joints and mobility.

Crafted with all-natural ingredients, our formula is free of unhealthy fillers and binders so they’re getting the most advanced probiotic blend available.

The powder is easier to administer than pills, capsules or medicines because it can be easily sprinkled on food or treats so they can get maximum support.

Features & details

MAXIMUM STRENGTH & MOST COMPLETE Dog & Cat Probiotic. TotalPlex has the MOST SPECIES of over 5-billion CFU's per scoop, and is the Only Pet Probiotic That INCLUDES POWERFUL ENZYMES & OMEGA FATTY ACIDS. The Best Probiotics for dogs and cats

#1 RATED Product for IMPROVED DIGESTIVE HEALTH. Only TotalPlex includes BOTH Probiotics & Enzymes to treat Digestive Problems, Cat & Dog Diarrhea, nausea, Irritable Bowels, Dog Bad Breath, Skin Issues and so many other health issues. Your Pet will Love TotalPlex!

BETTER THAN TABLETS & CHEWS. Easily Dispensed Powder Prevents Choking. Simply sprinkle small amount over you pet food. ALWAYS FRESH: Unlike many other Cat & Dog Pet Probiotics, TotalPlex is made daily. MADE IN USA. TotalPlex, the Best Pet Probiotics for Dogs & Cats

VET RECOMMENDED and PET APPROVED! Experience the AMAZING RESULTS that so many other happy pet owners have!

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Try Now and if you are not Completely Satisfied with TotalPLEX Probiotics for Cats & Dogs, your money Back. TRY TODAY RISK FREE! One 8-ounce jar with scoop


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